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Virtual applications have existed for around 15 years but are not really understood or supported by many software inventory tools. There exists only one leading solution in this category; Microsoft’s App-V, however this solution focuses more on software deployment than inventory.

Virtual applications will not necessarily show up in Windows’ traditional list of installed programs. Software inventory solutions will not see these virtual applications unless they have been programmed to find them. This is even more difficult within a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. This means there would be remote applications running within a remote desktop, running locally or remotely.

In the case of all these applications, the system becomes extremely dynamic with the addition of new applications and traditional software inventory solutions need to be able to keep up with the change of pace.

Software inventory solutions are a key part of the system management tools that can help you monitor and maintain your system. These tools assess every machine in your network and allow you to have a comprehensive understanding of the licenses that are valid and being utilized. It is necessary to understand the working computer environment and the manner in which these licenses are being employed. By gaining a better understanding of how users are implementing them, the maintenance and renewal processes can be improved. Grupo Cimcorp can offer options in order to do this in a more effective manner, thereby improving productivity and reducing costs. With Applixure, Grupo Cimcorp can offer software asset management – a complete service offered as a Management Service,  as well as monitoring and analysis, creating a more intelligent management process and allowing for the maintenance and renewal processes to be more streamlined. With better management of software assets and licenses, the problems discussed above can be resolved and employees can be better equipped with the tools required to be efficient.