The one that fixes computers


It doesn’t matters the area of Information Technology, for anyone who belongs to another area this will always be “the one that fixes computers” and will always follow that phrase: “Ah, you work with computers, can you look at my tablet that is not turning on? “.

We know that the Information Technology (IT) area is indeed huge and encompasses a multitude of other areas and subareas, and is considered a relatively new profession compared to other more traditional ones.

No matter the field of IT, the challenge of this professional will always be the same, simplify complicated tasks and create innovative solutions. In addition, of course, you have to meet all the demand for information you receive every day. An area in which every millisecond new things appear and change the whole global scenario.

The IT professional is often behind the scenes, hidden in a tangle of wires, connections, servers, switches, procedures, scripts, methods and processes. All to keep the physical and logical infrastructure in perfect order, so that the end user (the one on the stage) has all the conditions to perform his work with excellence.

In the same way that the IT area is new, the commemorative date of this professional is also. The day of the IT professional is celebrated on October 19th and, on August 15th, the day of computing is celebrated, a tribute to the emergence of the first digital computer produced on a large scale.

Being an IT professional and being part of this day make me complete because I know that “behind the scenes” we can make the lives of so many people possible, providing solutions that make a difference in the lives of so many other people – who go far beyond my client end. Therefore, to all IT professionals, I wish to congratulate and thank you!